Moving from Colleague to Supervisor

Case Incident: Moving from Colleague to Supervisor


  1. Managers tend to select the wrong leadership style when they first move into the position because of lack of experience. Managers believe that they have to separate themselves from their coworkers because they are now in charge of them. Since some are friends, managers have to adjust and persuade there is no favoritism occurring or they become more firm on decisions so people know who is in charge. All of this could be prevented if the proper training is in place to prevent this from happening.
  2. Leadership and leadership training is very important. Management have to adjust to the ever changing workforce. Younger generation entering the workforce have a different view of working in a team than their parents do. Managers need continued training to help adjust to these changes. Managers without training and the willing to change face failure in management.
  3. I am a personal fan of the Contingency Theory. I don’t believe that because your personality is nice and people are attracted to you by your behavior should make you a good leader. It is part of the solution, but contingency makes good leaders great. Even though I talk about managerial styles having to change to accommodate their workers, I don’t believe everything must change over time. If something is not broken do not try and fix it. I believe in “tweaking the system as we go” approach. As long as results are satisfied and there is room for growth, there should not be a need for major change.
  4. I personally believe it is harder to be promoted to a manager internally than it is to be hired externally. Some people have excellent interviewing skills that allow them to advertise and lead people to believe that they have found the right person for the job. When you interview someone internally, there is a paper trail of performance that the interviewer has an advantage to use. Also, the interviewer may know the person or the person’s boss. There is more information at his/her disposal.  

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