Personal Mission Statement

Personal Mission Statement
Section One: My Role in My Education

Up until recently, I have been a student of life. Everything I know and acquired has been from my personal life and my career. Even though I have made a good name of myself in my career, I am eager to learn and to accomplish more. This is why I need to take the next step and complete my education to solidify my responsibility of providing for my family. I have a plan in place with a five year outlook, and I can accomplish this if I can make it past at least three obstacles standing in my way.

I have measured everything in my life in phases of five years. I am currently, working on the third phase of my life. The first phase, I was struggling to identify myself after high school while working in manual labor. During this time I realized that education would be extremely important in starting and maintaining a family. I experienced a medical setback that would forever change my career path.

During the second phase, I had a lot of time to rethink my life and the direction it was heading. My medical setback allowed me to step out of the factory environment and do some temporary work in the engineering field. I was guided into the Manufacturing Execution path. It is during this phase that my career and education was forming into what I know of it today. I am well established in my career, but I am always looking ahead.

In five years, I envision my family with a couple of children, my education completed and my career on the rise again. In my eyes, the completion of my education will allow my family to be financially stable while providing better education to my children. I am a true believer in the saying that “slow and steady will win the race.” As long as I can provide this stability, I believe my children will benefit from my education.

Three obstacles that stand in my way are time, money and family life. Even though acquiring an education in the long run should improve these three obstacles, I will have to deal with them now while I am completing my studies. These are the three biggest obstacles I will have to face during this time period and I will explain why.

In this day and age where everyone seems to pack on more and more extracurricular activities, I will have to find the time to work on my studies. With each and every day passing, I seem to progress in my career. This means more responsibilities that obtain more of my time outside of work. Also, the possibilities of travel increase each day.

Financial obligations are extreme when completing my studies. The cost per credit hour is at an all time high and there are no indications that this will taper off. Labs, books, and school supplies are all necessities every semester. With each and every semester that passes financial obligations to my studies put a damper in my pocket. This is a sacrifice that my family has to endure until completed. Even though financial aid helps lift most of the burden off of our shoulders, it places the burden 6 months after I complete my studies. There is no guarantee that I will be making more money at this time so I have to plan for this burden for as long as it will take to eliminate this debt.

Every day family life include the sacrifices my wife makes to keeping our house and family operational. Everything she does is a job within its self. Everyday passes that I am either too tired to help from school and work or I have work and studies to do in the evening that prevents me from helping out like I should be doing. I have a young son at home and I trying to not miss all of his “firsts.” So I am torn between wanting to spend time with my family, helping my wife with chores, work and studies.

With the three obstacles listed as time, money and family life, it can definitely make or break myself and my family. We need to stay focused on the outcome and the bright future that we are looking for. As I compare my life from the 1st phase and 2nd phase, I know that if I stay determined and motivated I will be able to overcome these obstacles and the 3rd phase in my life will be bright.

Section Two: Problem Solving for Success

STEP 1-Research and Define the Problem using Present State and Desired State

Present State

1.I am able to dedicate a small amount of time for my family
2.I am able to afford a reasonable lifestyle for my family before my child goes to school

Desired State

1.I would like to be able to make more time for my family.
2.I would like to have more of a savings in order to buy a bigger house. Continue to have my wife work from home and place my kid in a good school system.

STEP 2 – Determine the Cause(s) of the Problem

Who is impacted?
Who is not?
When is the problem occurring?
When is it not occurring?
Why is this problem important to you?
My immediate family

Distant friends

When I am at work
These problems affect my family’s future. Social interaction to my child will allow him to develop and perform independently. Giving our family a better home and environment will give all of us a happier state to live in.

Step 3 – Generate Solutions by Brainstorming

Some solutions that come to mind;
Working less hours
Ease up on college courses
Create a game plan to allow wife to continue to work from home
Dedicate a set time or day that will be for family

I try to treat everyday like there will be some unexpecting challenge ahead. This way when the day is normal, like most days, I will have felt relieved and look forward to the next. When challenges do arise, I tried to handle the situation like I am walking with fine china and I have to treat it with care or it will break. Every situation is different, but the approach could be the same. Treat it with respect and kindness and allow it to be solved properly.

I have learned that you must approach the situation with a plan and you must be prepared to lose some battles. In any conflict there is a give and take relationship occurring. You just have to approach it with kindness and treat everything and everyone with respect.

Step 4 – Decide on the Best Solution – Consider your Musts and your Wants

I must come up with a game plan with my family on how I can spend more time with my family and plan for our future home while working many hours and continuing my education. The game plan should be discussed and agreed upon with my wife. This should be the first step in avoiding conflict.

First, I will slowly get into the attending school full time by taking a few courses in a semester until I feel comfortable attacking at least 14 credit hours.

Next, I will dedicate school work during time period where my family is either asleep or not home. I have been experimenting with doing school work before my work hours at work and this seems to work well with my family.

Then, after dinner, I will help around the house to allow my wife to have her free time to work from home. Hopefully, she agrees that this is a good time apart from the everyday hassles with taking care of our family. On weekends, I will offer to take my son out to the park or to go shopping with me so if frees my wife up to do whatever she wants.

Step 5 – Implement the Solution

I have to sit down with my wife to discuss this plan and hopefully, this will be in place shortly. We have to get our priorities lined up so we can have a comfortable present while looking forward to the future.

Step 6 – Evaluate the Solution

Currently, we have implemented this proposal and so far the only real set back is the lack of sleep. My child is sometimes up until 11 pm and with me having to get up at 5 am, it makes it difficult studying early in the morning. I have to continue to help around the house to free up my wife. My wife is slowly taking the time to work at her job and so far we are managing.


Each and every week our team rotates its team leader and so far I have had the chance to be the leader once. I believe I was an efficient leader by stating times to have brainstorming thoughts discussed in the threaded discussions, stating a time to meet and chat about our project and by establishing a due date and time to allow me to put everything together and turn it in as a team. I believe I give good guidance to fellow team members and give ample time to allow work to be completed. The area I would need to improve is being more creative in some of the questions asked during chats and the threaded discussions. This way more descriptive and creative thoughts can be put into our projects.

Currently, I am a configurator / programmer for our Manufacturing Execution Team. My role is purely one that is involved in how data should be captured and displayed, but I do not play a part in major decision making. In five years, I would like to see myself having gone to law school for white collared crime. I think it would be pretty neat to work side by side detectives hunting down people committing white collared crime.

I view myself as a humble and behind the scenes type of leader. I do not get in your face nor am I outspoken. I lead by example. My work proves my knowledge and expertise. I market myself very well, but mostly as my work does the talking. People know of me because of my work. If I ever believe credit is due to me or my team, I will speak up. I do not believe I would want to be in position where people report to me. I would lose focus of the real task at hand. I would much rather get my hands dirty than direct someone to do it for me. In this scenario, if I have people working for me, I believe they would think I was one of them. I would continue to do the work that I normally do and allow my team to make decisions by a voting process.

Section Four: Personal Mission Statement

My family comes first. Problems here will snowball into my work and education. I will make time for them every day and every weekend.

Completing my education must occur. Whether or not I pursue a graduate degree or a law degree, I need stay focused and accomplish my goals. Completion will allow my family to live a comfortable life and allow my children to pursue their dreams.

I have to continue to give 100% at my job. Here is what pays the bills. Stay focus on the numerous projects and complete them one at a time.


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